Major Project- Web and Social Media Campaign


the problem

Get More Students to Register to Vote

One third of young people of voting age in the United Kingdom are not registered to vote. This is a problem because it means the voices of the youth are not being heard. In contrast almost all people over the age of 65 are registered to vote which means that they could end up determining the shape of the country for future generations. The current push for people to register to vote is too general and does not focus in on the lack of the young voters. This approach clearly is not working since millions of young people still are not registered to vote.

The Solution

Social Media and Web Campaign

My solution to this was a multifaceted campaign utilising the power of social media combined with a website and some personalisation techniques to try and entice people to register to vote. The core component of the campaign is user engagement as we want to get as many students possible engaging with the campaign and sharing the message. Many aspects of the solution such as social media posts, social media filters, live statistics and personalised data are all focused on interaction with users and the positive effect that will have on the campaign. Having people interact and share our message will help us reach more students as students tend to be connect with other students.


Logo and Identity

The branding and logo of Student Votes Matter had to represent the core values of the campaign. This meant it needed to be bold, clear, and easy to understand. The basis of the branding was rooted in the need for it to be extremely versatile and easy to understand. The colours for the brand were developed with the same necessity for versatility as everything else.


Futura Typeface

Student Votes Matter is a bold campaign to try and educate students and encourage them to register to vote. The typography needed to fit in with this part of the brand so it would always be bold and stand out. The typeface chosen was Futura because it is an extremely versatile font which can be used to stand out with big bold lettering and to create bodies of text with lighter weights. The main weight of font used throughout the brand is Bold as this makes up the logo and the standout parts of all the design materials. Futura Bold represents Student Votes Matter as it is clear, bold, and brave and gets the message across very clearly. This all fit with core values of the campaign so it was a perfect choice throughout all of the design materials. This font and its various weights make the campaign very consistent across all platforms and materials.  



The logo is an equally important part of the branding of Student Votes Matter as it establishes a theme which is consistent throughout the entire campaign. It used iconography of students, combined with symbols of voting and the Futura bold typeface. The use of a backpack creates a link to students and the use of voting slip allows the connection to voting. This is then all easily explained with the outer circle containing the campaign name. All this comes together to form the main branding identity for the campaign which is used on all materials.


Mobile & Desktop Sites

The website for Student Votes Matter needed to be just as bold and clear as the rest of the brand in order to reflect the goals and intentions of the campaign. It needed to be clear, concise, and effective at delivering information about voting and the process of registering. At the same time, it needed to be effective at onboarding students and young people to support the campaign and lead them to the other forms of interaction with the campaign such as social media.

This bold identity was implemented across the site using the chosen typeface along with some key brand symbols such as the voting cross. The site is comprised of lots of different pages dedicated to different aspects of the campaign. These include personalisation, registration, social presence, contact, about, get involved and many learning resources.  


Desktop Website

The desktop site for Student Votes Matter takes advantage of all the space available on desktop to make elements larger on the screen. The design is consistent with the other versions of the site and uses the same elements just resized slightly. The site has some consistent themes running through it such as the titles with underlined lower words and the positioning of elements on the page. The layout and design of the website followed the brand in being bold, clear, and concise to make the information as digestible for users as possible.

Desktop Website Pages

Desktop Website Video


Mobile Website

A key part of the campaign for Student Votes Matter was the web presence and the functionality of the website. It was important that the website functioned on all platforms since research in the development stage showed that website usage on mobile devices can be just as significant if not more significant than desktop. This was especially the case with the target audience of you people and students since they are more likely to consume more content on mobile devices. This meant that there was a focus on not only developing a traditional website but on making considerations for mobile devices and making the website as responsive as possible.

The mobile website is just as functional and effective as the desktop counterpart since it was designed with responsiveness in mind which meant that features did not have to be removed or scaled down for mobile.

Mobile Website Pages

Mobile Website Video


Personalised Website Results

Personalisation is a large part of the campaign as to make information regarding voting statistics relevant to the area the person is in. This part of the webpage using the location data from the browser to show the viewer statistic for their local constituency. The example used on the website is the constituency of East Yorkshire. These statistics would change based on the location to show the relevant data.

Website Live data

Registered Student Counter

On the homepage of the website there is a live count of students who register to vote using the campaign. This will be monitored by clicks through the register link and through feedback from the people who register. This data is then put onto a map and increases the number of people registered that day, month, and year. This shows the number of students who registered and also helps track the success of the campaign in general. This is displayed on numerous pages across the website to show students the change that is happening and the change they can be a part of.

Social Media Posts

Instagram and Facebook

The second part of the campaign alongside the web presence is social media. The platforms specifically are Facebook and Instagram. Social media is mostly being used as an educational tool to spread knowledge about voting and registering to vote. This information runs parallel to the information found on the website. However, it is more condensed so it can be quickly read and understood. This makes it perfect for fast paced social media. The main goal of these social media posts is to inform people, spread awareness of the campaign and lead people back to the website.

Social Media Filters

Instagram and Facebook

Another important element of the Student Votes Matter Campaign is making content shareable by viewers and having them interact with the campaign. Social media filters are a good modern and interactive way for people to interact with the campaign and spread the message. Having students share on social media using these filters increases the likelihood of other students becoming aware of the campaign as students are likely to be connected with lots of other students. These filters were created for Instagram and Facebook. One of them scrolls through a message changing colour then stops on a random colour. The second one can be used after you have registered to vote; this one includes the hashtag #studentvotesmatter. The last filter is an AR logo which can be placed in 3d space and be interacted with.

Instagram and Facebook Filter Photos

Social Media Filters


Snapchat is another modern social media platform which is perfect for Student Votes Matter since it’s user base is almost exclusively young people. Filters for snapchat are overlays which people can place over images they have taken before posting them publicly on their profile or by sending to specific friends or groups. The student votes matter overlay uses the hashtag which is present throughout the campaign which can be searched on social media to find the campaign posts and pages. It also contains the brand logo so people know the meaning of the filter immediately. This can be utilised by anybody wanting to share the message on social media. This frame could also be used across other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Social Media Hashtag

#studentvotes matter

The hashtag is a very important part of the campaign which has been used on lots of design materials to promote the brand and make it easy to find. There is a webpage on the website dedicated to the posts on social media that are made using the hashtag. It allows tracking of the effectiveness of the campaign and allows people to easily find Student Votes Matter on social media. Using a hashtag is advantageous as it is much more multi-platform than a social media handle such as @studentvotesmatter. It has been implemented on materials and advertisements on social media and on physical advertisements such as the student bus.

physical advertising

Student Bus Adverts

Student buses operate to and from university and university campuses, often carrying exclusively students. This is an opportunity to spread the message about student voting with physical marketing to lead people back to social media and to influence people to share their thoughts on Student Votes Matter. Using the hashtag on the bus is a clear way to introduce people to the campaign in an easy and concise way. It will not only links back to the campaign but can be used for people to get involved as people can share why they think student votes matter with the hashtag. The logo also conveys that the advertisement belongs to the campaign so it can be linked when searching the hashtag on social media or the web.  

Physical Media

Products and Merchandise

Students can get involved by purchasing badges and stickers or creating their own using the assets found on the Student Votes Matter website. This is an easy way for people to show their support for the campaign as other students can notice the badge or sticker and research what it is. Stickers can also be utilised on other things around campus or generally around on things such as lamp posts which can also spread awareness. This is another way which gets students involved with the campaign in an interactive way.

Stickers and Badges