Mystery Getaway is a fictitious travel company that specialises in sending people on holiday without them knowing the destination.

Target Audience – Thrill seekers and older retired people.

Purpose – The purpose of Mystery Getaway is to provide people with a bespoke holiday where they don’t have to do anything. Everything is booked for you and organised so there is no need to stress over holiday planning. Not knowing the destination will add a new element of mystery to a holiday to make it even more exciting.

My Role – I designed all of the assets for Mystery Getaway and came up with the business idea. This was developed as part of a business study module.

The finished product of the logo itself was a hexagonal shape with an aeroplane in the centre with a travel line style question mark. The presentation of the logo is also very important to the brand Mystery Getaway as it is required to be in an embossed format to make it seem even more premium.

The project required a wide range of materials in order to promote and properly brand the company. These included –

  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Tickets
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Newspaper Adverts
  • Animated Posters
  • Animated Informative Short
  • Website

The tickets are a major part of Mystery Getaway as they play a very large role in the customer experience. It was important that they were premium and easy to understand so that there was no confusion. The plan for the company was to have the customer reveal their destination by scratching off the panel on the ticket when they arrive at the airport.


The posters were designed to be fairly simple so they could be versatile and shown in lots of different scenarios. In order to be clear about the fact it was a holiday company I decided to have the main focus be on this plane so it could also be easily animated.  There were lots of design pieces made for the project most following a similar design style and integrating the same iconography and graphic approach for consistency.

The animated short was created in After Effects in order to try and inform the user of how Mystery Getaway works. The video talks the user through the steps of the whole process of the Mystery Getaway experience. The characters and environments were all created in illustrator then later animated by me in After Effects and Character Animator.

Mystery Getaway required a simplistic website which could be used to inform people about the service they offer. I designed a one page scrolling design to try and accommodate the need and make it as informative as possible. It needed to be simple since the target audience of the company was focused on a group of people that aren’t all familiar with modern technology.

This video is showing the desktop version of the website being used how its intended to be. This page would not be the page where the user books their holiday but rather where they find out the process and how it works. 

This video shows how the Mystery Getaway Mobile site design would function on a device and how the user would interact with it. It is very similar to the desktop version however things have been changed to make them work better on a smaller screen. 

The branding of the company would need to be integrated in a wild variety of ways for lots of different products. I designed some of these products and mocked up how they would look. Some of these designs are things such as company cars and airplanes.