When working on 3D projects it is important that the assets you are using are of high quality and are suitable for the scene. I often create my assets from scratch in order to make them perfect for the scene. These assets have been created for a variety of different projects old and new. 

My Role: 3D Modelling, Texturing and Rendering

The main antagonist of my immersive experience is a shark which is going to attack the cart after it crashes into the water. The shark is going to be used in lots of scenes and in very close up shots at times, so it was important that it looked realistic and deformed well once it was rigged. I wanted to create all the assets in my piece myself, so I decided to start modelling the shark using some reference images. The modelling process was quite extensive to try and capture as much detail as possible. I modelled lots of small details onto the shark such as top and bottom teeth as all the different fins and gills which sharks have.