Student Votes Matter Campaign

Major Project- Web and Social Media Campaign Student Votes Matter Student Votes Matter is a multimedia campaign to get more students and young people to register to vote and participate in elections. The primary focus is educating people on voting using concise and clear information on the web and social media platforms. We are utilising […]

3D Modelling

Go Back Modelling, Texturing and Rendering – 2020 3D ASSET CREATION Various Projects   When working on 3D projects it is important that the assets you are using are of high quality and are suitable for the scene. I often create my assets from scratch in order to make them perfect for the scene. These […]


Go Back Level Designer, Story Creator and Cinematographer – 2020 CONTRACT KILLER University Project Game Trailer/Short Contract Killer is a short film/game trailer created in Unreal Engine 4. The story follows a contract killer as he tracks down his target. Set in Manhattan New York he must break into the office building and take out […]


Go Back Branding/Logo Design – 2019 BRANDING CHALLENGE Personal Project Challenge   Branding Challenge is a personal project which I undertook to create 30 logos in 30 days. I did this during some free time alongside my full-time job. The aim was to improve my skills and develop some more work for my portfolio. My […]

Chess Set

Go Back 3D Modelling, Texturing, Animation – 2018 3D STYLISED CHESS SET University Project 3D Modelling and Animation The 3D chess set is a themed version of normal chess based around films and film production. I designed my chess pieces to represent different items used throughout production. My Role: 3D Artist, Animator and Creator. PLANNING […]

Mondays Not Sundays

Go Back 3D Modelling, Texturing, Animation – 2019 MONDAYS NOT SUNDAYS University Project 3D Modelling and Animation Mondays Not Sundays is a 3D Animated short about someone who thinks they are late to their exam and has to rush to University. But it turns out that it’s actually Sunday and his exam is on the […]

Crazy Crane

Go Back 3D Modelling, Game Design and Level Design – 2019 CRAZY CRANE PROJECT University Project Game Design   Crazy Crane is a game about moving objects into a target areas using a crane to collect points. It was created in Unreal Engine 4 with all the assets being created in Maya. All of the […]


Go Back Branding, UI/UX, Advertising and Animation – 2019 MYSTERY GETAWAY PROJECT University Project Business Mystery Getaway is a fictitious travel company that specialises in sending people on holiday without them knowing the destination. Target Audience – Thrill seekers and older retired people. Purpose – The purpose of Mystery Getaway is to provide people with […]