Jason Davies

Hello there as you can probably tell from above my name is Jason and I’m a Digital Designer. What this means is I spend way too much time in front of my computer making things. The majority of my work consists of Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and 3D Design. Though these are the projects I work on most often I like to dabble so I often try new things.

I have been a designing things and putting them on the internet since 2017, however my passion for making things started well before then. Years before I would play around with Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects in my spare time to create fun (most often stupid) things and expand my knowledge of software and design.

In 2016 I decided that it was time to pursue design professionally as a career so I decided to go to university to expand my knowledge and get some experience. I developed over the time I was there substantially as I gained knowledge and experience. I engaged in additional projects and freelanced alongside my studies which helped me to progress quickly. In 2020 I completed my degree in the beginning of the pandemic, at times it was a struggle but I worked through it and walked away from it all with a First Class in Digital Design.


Started Studying Digital Design at the University of Hull


Started Freelancing using Jason Davies Design


Graduated University with First Class Honours


Started Internship at Lampada Digital Solutions as a VR Modeller.


Started Davies Charlton Design - Design Agency. During this time I worked on a variety of projects, mainly building websites and branding small businesses. This Agency started during the pandemic whilst I was inbetween employment as a way to expand my portfolio and work on some fun projects. We decided in 2021 that we would disband as we wanted to work on other things.


Started Working at Lampada Digital Solutions as a 3D Artist. My main respinsibility is creating 3D Assets for use in a Unity environment. However, I have taken on a range of respinsibility including Graphic Design, Audio Design & more.